Training Library

This training library includes free, on demand videos and interactive tools on multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) and adult protection. Because the project funding originally focused on older adults, that is where our work began in compiling the trainings in this library. Over time, we are working to expand expanded the trainings and tools available through the Adult Protection Network to address concerns facing other adult populations as well.  Although focused on older adults, these trainings should be useful for officials who work with all adults in need of protection, including disabled adults and incompetent adults.

Practical Considerations for Implementing Session Law 2023-124 and the Notice of Rights for Respondents and Wards

Session Law 2023-124 creates the new G.S. 35A-1117 which entitles respondents and wards to notice of nearly twenty enumerated rights. With this notice of rights comes new responsibilities for guardians ad litem, clerks of court, and petitioners. In this webinar, we will anticipate challenges and consider solutions to satisfy the requirements and purpose of the law.

Meaningful Consideration of Less Restrictive Alternatives to Guardianship Under Session Law 2023-124

Recent changes to North Carolina’s guardianship laws make clear that an adult or emancipated minor does not lack capacity (and is therefore not incompetent) if a less restrictive alternative to guardianship enables them to manage their affairs and make and communicate important decisions about themselves and their property.

Webinar: Reimagining Police Crisis Response
Cyber scammers target parents, grandparents for digital theft | 60 Minutes

May 21, 2023

Cyber scammers target parents, grandparents for digital theft.  

Adult Protection Network - Help Desk
Purpose of an MDT
What is an MDT?
MDT Information Sharing - Understanding Your Options - Aimee Wall

March 2, 2023

A presentation by Aimee Wall, Dean of the UNC School of Government, on the basics of information sharing among MDT members.

MDT Information Sharing - Overcoming Barriers for Case Review - Aimee Wall

March 3, 2023

A discussion led by Aimee Wall, Dean of the UNC School of Government, on overcoming challenges to case reviews and information sharing among MDT members.  

Adult Protection MDT Virtual Coffee Hour: Creating Vision, Mission and Value Statements

December 1, 2022

A discussion led by Margaret Henderson and Kristy Preston on creating vision, mission and value statements to help guide the work of your MDT.